The Hive

A Culinary Club by Apiary

Membership Benefits

Membership commitment is month to month, and costs $100 per month.

Family Meal

A rotating selection of family classics, both regional and exotic, available for delivery or pick-up.

These dishes are designed to feed families of all sizes-

Perfect for easy and elegant home entertaining



An ephemeral culinary experience at Apiary,
Lexington’s most enchanted secret garden.

Tables go fast, and Hive members get 48 hr priority access to booking.

Sunday Supper

A members only dinner with seasonally focused menus.

Tables will be available to book through the Hive website.


We’re a one-stop-shop for homemade desserts, tasteful floral, curated specialty products, and chef selected local produce.

We carry Sunrise Bakery breads, dairy, meats, seafood, and give you access to all of the seasonal and local products we are able to source through our kitchen. We offer prepared staples, sides, snacks, charcuterie boards, picnic baskets, and more!


We offer small-batch cocktails by the quart- from the classics to unique drinks inspired by our changing offerings at OMAGE. You can also purchase wines from our wine cellar.

Hive Mind

Our Wellness Program.

With weekly yoga in the garden, cooking, meditation, and wellness classes.

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