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Bring the elegance and color of the season into your home with lush and elegant French style bouquets.

Polly’s painterly approach to floral design pairs with a sophisticated color palette inspired by nature to bring you delightly surprising arrangements that are truly a feast for the eyes and soul.

Arrangements are curated from the best local and seasonal flowers available each week.

Low profile, high impact—perfect as a centerpiece, or anywhere your home needs a spot of vibrancy.

Three sizes available:

Petite- designed in a 4 x 4 glass vase $49
Classic— designed in a 5x 5 glass vase $79
Luxurious— designed in a 6 x 6 glass vase $129

Polly Seals

Apiary Florist

Polly is one of the most creative and forward thinking florists we know. She is especially drawn to local and seasonal floral in her nuanced arrangements. You might find her foraging something that caught her eye off the side of the road, or out at Three Toads Farm scouting out the most lush and gorgeous blooms in town.

Val Schirmer

Three Toads Farm

Three Toads Farm is part of the local flower renaissance taking place around the world, growing uncommon and heirloom flowers and creating exquisite fresh-from-the-garden floral
design for a handful of select weddings and events. Martha Stewart Weddings calls three Toads Farm one
of the top 10 farmer-florists in the country.

How to Care for your Fresh Floral Arrangement


Whether you’ve just received flowers as a gift or you’re displaying them for a special occasion, you’ll want to enjoy their cheer for as long as possible. Here are a few tips to maximize the life of your arrangement.

Avoid direct sunlight.

Fresh flowers are sensitive to sunlight and can wilt easily if they’re exposed to excessive heat. Keep them at their best by placing your arrangement in a cool spot, away from bright light.

Check the water often.

Flowers are thirsty creatures, so keep an eye on the water level to make sure it doesn’t get too low.  Add fresh cold water, making sure the bottom of the stems are completely submerged.